Safety Intervention Training For Heathlands Care Home 9th & 10th August 2012

‘The tutors were fantastic’                                D.Taylor

‘Excellent teaching skills, and friendly. They explained and demonstrated well’                              S.Abbas

‘They are absolutely enjoyable. thanks for a good job well done’                                                        A.Elijah

‘It was a lovely and relaxing environment’                               Anon.

‘Refreshed my knowledge. Down to earth guys who are knowledgable on their subject’                     H. O’Leary

Safety Intervention Training at AGE UK, Stamford, Lincolnshire. March 2013

‘Really friendly and bubbly, made the course enjoyable’.       T.Dobson

‘They were really friendly and knowledgable. Excellent training, tutors lovely’.             J.Fearns

‘Easy to understand and listen to’.           H.Dawson

‘Always delivered with humour-aids learning. Enjoyed the day’.           T.Stevens

‘Both made it fun and enjoyable day, that was useful and interesting’.                N.Harris

Emergency First Aid course, Ryedale Court Nursing Home, Barking, 2nd & 9th May 2012


‘ It was very interesting. No improvement it was perfect’.  A.Serwaah

‘ Well appreciated, well prepared. Thank you’.    P.Arkash

‘Very interesting. Thanks’   S.Simpson

‘Darren is good, made everyone interact and feel free to ask questions and participate’.    T

‘Darren is helpful, answered all my questions and explained different situations and how I can help’.     V.Sukeviciute

Moving & Handling Course, Ryedale Court Nursing Home,Barking. 18th/19th April 2012

‘John was very clear in explaining things to us, so we could understand properly’.       C.Appiah

‘Explained everything clearly and answered all our questions fully’.       D.Bryne

‘He knows how to deliver. Master of the subject’.     P.Igwe-Ugban

‘Whole course was useful, the DVD was very useful’.  E.Maharjan-Baidya

‘Enjoyed it very much’.   S.Ali

‘Would like to have regular training’.  S.Ansari

‘Come and visit us again to update our training’.  S.Bermudez

2 Day Paediatric First Aid course at St Augustine’s Mulberry Bush Nursery, Stamford.11th/12th April 2012


‘Relaxed atmosphere, and we were encouraged to ask questions’.        M. Sutlieff

‘I feel more confident in implementing First Aid. Very good course’.        G.Jones

‘I feel more confident in dealing with emergencies’.       J.Spires

‘Gained confidence in first Aid related skills. Very enjoyable & informative course’.     D.woodward

Paediatric First aid course, The Secret Garden Nursery, Stamford, December 2011

‘Confident in trainers knowledge. Good course to attend’                       E.Marshall

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days. Thank you’               C.Abbott

‘Very interesting, and very enjoyable’              T.Nixon

‘Good first aid, feel confident to use it if I need to’           M.Notley

Safety Intervention course, Queen Eleanor Academy, Stamford, Lincolnshire, 11/12/2011

‘ Most useful part of the course was learning the quick but effective techniques to use if a siuation arises. the course would be useful to all collegues’                        T.Moody

‘The most useful part was th eprocedure for safe handling of students & how to deal with an aggressive individual’           C.Challis.

‘It was all presented in a good relaxed and interesting manner’                Rod.

‘Very good and amusing. I would recommend this course’.                           K.