Challenging Behaviour Training

Challenging behaviour training at the Mayflower Care Home, Gravesend, Kent. 30/01/14.

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Darren and John delivered the 1 day Challenging Behaviour Training to the staff from the Mayflower Care Home in Gravesend, Kent on 30/01/14.

The course is a follow on to the 2 day Safety Intervention training that MJD delivers. this course is aimed at people who work with and care for people suffering from dementia.

At times these people can be violent, as they have no other means of communication. As dementia sets in, these people lose the ability to communicate properly with others. they lose the ability to be able to tell you how they feel, if the are in pain or just unwell. They forget simple terms like trying to say that they feel hot. They also forget simple everyday tasks like knowing if they have eaten, and also the ability to be able to eat.

Sometimes using violence is their only means of getting attention.

However the staff at Mayflower are now not only caring for people suffering from dementia, but they also have Schizophrenia, thus making them more violent.

The challenging behaviour course is aimed at the staff caring for these individuals, providing them with knowledge in how to carry out their daily tasks in a safe and protective manner.

The staff as always were great at the Mayflower. All got into it and we had fun along the way. It was great to see some familiar faces and also to meet new ones too.

Congratulations to Richard Bassett on the course who’s partner is expecting their first daughter imminently. We were all waiting for the phone call that day. Hope it all goes well.

Thanks to all for the great feedback.

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