EFAW course at the Mayflower Care Centre, Gravesend, Kent

Darren delivered the 6 hour EFAW course to the staff at the Mayflower Care Centre in Gravesend, Kent on 12th February 2013.

The 9 staff that attended were great, It was nice to see a member of the management team on the course as well.

The staff at the Mayflower always make us feel welcome there when we deliver courses.

Congratulations to the 9 staff that successfully passed their qualification, and thak you for the positive feedback you have given.


‘Excellent.’                       H.Lastrilla

‘Great sense of humour. Interesting training, learnt loads of new information’.               S.Rema

‘Everything was wonderful, interesting and useful’.                  A.Bugor

‘Well done. Hope Darren comes to train other staff’.        G. Blazado

‘Very pleasant, a good tutor’.        P.Breslin

‘Very pleasant and professional tutor’.             K.Armston

‘Very helpful and easy to understand’.                      T.Quinn

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