Emergency Paediatric First Aid

Level 1 Emergency Paediatric First Aid course at Thurlby Primary School. 18th October 2013.

Paediatric First Aid


Darren delivered a level 1 Emergency Paediatric First Aid course to the staff from Thurlby Primary school, near Bourne, Lincolnshire.

The course was designed to the specific needs that were requested by the school.

Topics covered included the role of a First Aider. Dealing with an unconscious child/Infant who is breathing. Dealing with an unconscious child/infant who is not breathing. Treatment for shock. Treating bleeds and wounds. Dealing with a child/infant suffering from a head injury.

The staff were fantastic. Even though it was the first day of their half term they participated fully, and had fun along the way. They rose to the tasks that were given them, and asked many questions, which was great.

I would like to thank everyone that participated for their co-operation and hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning teaching.

Thank you for the excellent reviews.

See our reviews page for the comments the staff from Thurlby Primary School made.