Enrichment Programme at Queen Eleanor Academy

MJD Training becomes part of the year 11 Enrichment Programme at the Queen Eleanor Academy, Stamford.

Since September 2012 until Easter 2013, MJD Training has been involved with being part of the new Enrichment Programme at Queen Eleanor Academy, Stamford.

Over four half terms Darren has been delivering a Level 2 qualification in First Aid, Manual Handling and Self Defence to the year 11 pupils. The programme was delivered for 2 hours every Wednesday afternoon.

IMG_1045Nearly 100 pupils who attended all the sessions gained a qualification in First Aid. The certificate they received is valid for 3 years. This qualification is a good foundation for their CVs, for when they start looking for employment.

The feedback from the First Aid training has been excellent from the pupil’s parents. They think it’s superb for their children to gain this qualification.

The Self Defence was delivered with the aid of Mario Reho, the Black Belt Instructor from the local Black Dragon Karate club in Stamford.

Apart from the self defence techniques, the pupils were taught what Self defence is, why people get angry, how to recognise someone who is angry, and the medical implications caused when striking someone.

The pupils threw themselves into theses sessions, and a lot of fun was had by all. The main thing that came back from the excellent feedback by the pupils, was from the girls of he groups. They stated that it had boosted their confidence.

I would like to thank the staff and the pupils at Queen Eleanor Academy, for their support and co-operation throughout the courses.

The Programme has been deemed as such a success, that Darren from MJD Training, has been asked to return and be part of the Enrichment Programme for the new year 11’s in September.

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