Lady from Age UK, carries out CPR on a client following First Aid training course.

Jenny from Age UK, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, had to carry out CPR on a casualty 2 days after doing the Emergency First Aid training with Darren from MJD Training.

Below is  a copy of an E-Mail sent from Age UK, on 20/03/13.

‘Hi Darren

Just to say thank you for delivering some excellent training on Friday last week and Monday, we all really enjoyed it.  Thought I would let you know that Jenny, who attended the First Aid training on Friday, actually had to put into practise what she learnt whilst out and about at the weekend.  A man had a massive stroke and she had to do CPR.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t know whether he made it or not, but the paramedics were not hopeful. But she did say that without the training she had received, there is no way she would have been able to have the confidence to help in the way that she did, and possibly have given him so hope.

So thank you.


Kind regards




Nina Harris

Home Support Coordinator

Age UK Kesteven

Council Offices


SLEAFORD, Lincs.  NG34 7EB’

Although this is not a nice position to be in, we are glad that Jenny found the confidence to carry out CPR following the training given.

Our support and thoughts go out to Jenny, and also to her casualty.


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