Level 2 Paediatric First Aid Course

2 day Level 2 Paediatric First Aid course @ Queen Eleanor School. 7th & 14th December 2013.


Paediatric First Aid

Darren held a 2 day level 2 Paediatric First Aid course for Local people to Stamford who carried out child minding duties.

The level 2 qualification is recognised by OFSTED, and is valid for 3 years.

Topics included are dealing with a child/infant who is unconscious but breathing normally. Dealing with an unconscious child/infant who is unconscious and not breathing normally. Dealing with children/infants suffering from Epilepsy. Dealing with wounds and bleeding. Dealing with a child/infant suffering from shock. Head injuries. Scalds and burns and medical conditions.

The course took place at Queen Eleanor School in Stamford, Lincolnshire over 2 consecutive Saturdays.

The 7 learners were fantastic over the 2 days, they threw themselves into, and had fun in learning.

They all got very high marks on the 2 question papers done throughout the course, and did very well on the practical side of things.

Many thanks for the effort you put in, and the way you all made the course a pleasure to teach.

Thank you also to “Queen Eleanor School, Stamford for the use of their library. The venue was perfect.


See our Reviews page for the excellent comments that were made by the learners on the course.