MJD Training working with local Defib Charity

MJD Training and Dosh4Defibs working closely together bringing Defib awareness & training to Stamford


Darren from MJD Training LTD has the great privilege of working alongside Danni Vincent and her great charity Dosh4Defibs.

The charity has been set up to try and get more Defibs in and around Stamford.  MJD Training is aiding by providing accredited qualifications in the use of these important pieces of equipment.

Defibs, or in their proper name Automated External Defibrillators can be a great resource in aiding to save someone’s life. It is used on a casualty who has become unconscious and is not breathing, generally for someone who is experiencing a heart attack.

However people have a misconception that a Defib’s job is to start a stopped heart. It isn’t. In fact it is the reverse. It’s job is to stop a heart that is beating at an irregular rhythm, so that it will hopefully restart itself into a normal healthy rhythm. A little like your computer. When it freezes, you push the power button until it switches off, then turn it back on hopefully it reboots itself and and works normally.


Dosh4Defibs is doing a magnificent job in raising money for this great cause. recently they got local companies from Stamford to have their pictures taken for a Calendar, doing it Calendar Girls Style. Darren from MJD has also done his bit for this, and you can see him in the month of June.

There was a two page spread in the local Stamford Mercury featuring the Dosh4Defibs charity, As seen in the pictures above.

You can get your 2016 charity by going through the Dosh4Defibs website or Facebook page.

Buy yours today. Let’s get more Defibs in the area and training. You never know it could be your life it saves.