Safety Intervention

stop itAt MJD we offer a bespoke service delivering training specifically for clients with Dementia. Sadly staff and Service User can experience difficulties as each can at times struggle to deal with an ever changing set of health issues.

It has long been recognised that the safest way to work with Service Users that present challenging behaviours is:

a) to prevent things escalating to this point
b) working with the behaviours and interpreting them

For the resident this will mean a consistent approach from a well trained and motivated staff team. Person Centred Planing, your staff and your company will really get to know the individuals that they support. there will be increased opportunities for your clients and staff as well as opportunities to show empowerment using positive and person centred approaches to enhance and enrich the lives that you support

increasingly there are additional requirements placed on the service that you deliver.CQC, Local Government and family expectations. Let us help you to ensure you deliver the best possible service you can. Our courses will address all areas of reporting and recording and can be tailored to meet the needs of your service

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