Safety Intervention Refresher training

Safety/Physical Intervention Refresher Training at Heathlands Care Home, Chingford, London. 23/10/13


stop it

Darren and John delivered the 1 day Safety Intervention refresher training to the staff from Heathlands Care Home, Chingford, London. This was the 2nd day that we were at Heathlands, training another 12 staff.

The course is a 1 day refresher course which has to be taken within 12 months of the original 2 day course.

This training is designed for the staff who work with and care for people suffering from dementia.

It refreshes the staff of their awareness when dealing with their clients. Interpreting bad behaviour, trying to understand what is making these people angry and aggressive. The course highlights the importance of completing forms so that information can be passed on to others, and so that the clients they look after are receiving the optimum care they can.

The staff were fantastic today. All threw themselves into the training. There are definitely a few characters that work for Heathlands which makes our training more interesting and fun to deliver.

Thank you to you all for a great day, and thank you for your high marking and excellent feedback.