Safety Intervention Training

Safety Intervention Training to AGE UK, Stamford 21/10/2013


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Darren and John delivered a 1 day Safety/Physical Intervention training course to the staff at Stamford AGE UK.

The course has been designed for the workers who go into people’s homes offering care to the elderly.

These are lone works that are looking after people who may have early onset of Dementia. The course is designed to aid these workers in being more knowledgeable about, and more confident in dealing with the type of clients that they have.

The course makes the carers aware of the types of behaviour that people with dementia may suffer from. It highlights what behaviour changes to look for. How to interpret different behaviour and try to understand why they behave as they do. It looks are clear and effective communication techniques, being able to recognise someone who is angry.

The workers are also shown some very basic Safety Intervention Techniques to ensure their safety.

The staff from AGE UK are always welcoming. We had a great day teaching. As we say we enjoy teaching, and the aim is to keep workers safe in their roles. However we hope that no-one ever has to use these techniques.

Many thanks to AGE Uk for your hospitality and many thanks for the positive feedback we received.