Safety Intervention Training to the Staff at Age Uk, Stamford, Lincolnshire.

Darren and John delivered Safety Intervention training to the staff at Age Uk, Stamford, Lincolnshire on 18th March 2013.

This course was set up to train the workers of Age Uk who deal with clients who suffer from Dementia. The aim of the course is to make the staff aware of what Dementia is, and the characteristics of people who suffer from Dementia. This course is devised to keep these lone workers safe when carrying out their duties in the homes of these clients.

The course went very well and the staff were great to teach. All got involved in the activities and the learning of the topic. It was recieved very well by the staff.

Thank you for your hospitality, especially for those lovely cream cakes, and for making our job easier with the way you took part.

Looking forward to our training courses with you in April, where I will hopefully see some of you again.

Thank you for the positive feedback. Look at Our reviews page to see what the staff wrote about this course.




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